Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reading Around About Pre-Nup Agreements

The The Honolulu Advertiser published poll results on prenup agreements under the headline, Most Americans iffy about signing a prenup agreement.

Percentage of Americans who say they would definitely sign a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement if their spouse or partner asks them to, according to a survey by Thomson West: 14

# Percentage who said they might sign one: 27

# Percentage who said probably not: 21

# Percentage who said definitely not: 20"
Worrying about prenuptial agreements is not limited to the United States. The following is from Australia's The Sydney Morning Herald's Ask Sam's Blog:

"It's been a rough year for relationships. Divorce rates are up, the number of Aussie singletons have increased exponentially and the man drought theory is proving more prevalent than ever before. So it didn't surprise me when I flipped open my weekend Australian Financial Review on Saturday morning to find the headline, 'Simply A Marital Must-Do'. The story claimed that this so-called 'must-do' can save you a ton of grief, especially if implemented early. So what is it, you may be wondering? Well it's the prenup, of course."


And while those that stand their no-prenup ground might think they've won the "I'm-no-gold-digger-so-don't-make-me-sign" battle, (especially when they're marrying a Grammy-award winning millionaire), many will indeed wonder if they are in the relationship for ulterior motives. As one wise friend of mine once said, "If you refuse to sign, you're hiding something. If they make you sign, yours and their assets are out on the table. No-one is hiding anything."

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