Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pet Stories

Following up on earlier articles about pets and divorces, I thought that I might indulge in some wordplay about the sounds of pets or boys and pet shops. It is a gloomy day here in Anderson - rainy, sleeting, and just when I some enthusiasm for life was returning to me. Humor probably is out of place.

Florida Divorce Blog published New Yorker Appeals Ruling Permitting Ex to Move Out of State With Pet of the Marriage:

"A millionaire and his wife are pitted against each other in an ongoing custody battle … over their dog."

The “father”, who has no children, has spent over $60,000 to win custody of the pooch.

At first, the couple engaged in roughly equal timesharing, by agreement.

Then the “mother” accused the “father” of abuse.

The judge didn’t buy it, and the “father”’s timesharing resumed …

Until the “mother” moved to Connecticut.

Then, again, maybe humor is needed here. Something about this case almost requires it.

More seriously is Michigan State University College of Law: Animal Legal & Historical Web Center. Here is the site's description:
"This site is approaching its sixth year since creation and we are pleased with our growth. There are over 800 full text cases (US, Historical and UK) and over 1000 U.S. statutes fully available on the site, with Michigan and California being very comprehensive. More importantly, we have over 46 topics that give the viewer directions and comprehensive explanations on some of the more interesting issues of the animal area. We also have a number of legal articles addressing a wide variety of animal topics. This is the best way for non-lawyers to access the information. The international collection continues to expand...."
More than family law cases but with the rise in pet issues in divorce cases, this may be a very useful site.

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