Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forms - Resources

I offer this as evidence that we have gotten too tied up with the Internet. I see many people coming to this blog looking for forms: divorce petitions, contempt petitions, custody motions, support motions.

Because of these people, I have mentioned some sources for online forms and commented that the supply is not great in quality or quantity (see here and here).

However, I was answering an e-mail last week and mentioned another resource: libraries. Yes, those places that have actual books.

Indiana's law schools have libraries and they are open to the public. Both the major publishers of law books have form books. I suggest looking for West's Family Law series and/or Matthew Bender's Indiana Forms. Here is a list of those schools:

If you are too far from these schools, most county courthouse have a library of varying quality and accessibility. You will need to call the courts in your county to find out about where is the library and your access to it.

Finally, you can check out your local public library. I know Anderson Public Library has West's form books and divorce forms in its reference section..

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