Monday, April 21, 2008

New English Family Law Blog and Something for Non-Custodial Parents to Think About

Thanks to Pink Tape for the heads up about Laws of Love. Its subheadline suggests this could be a very interesting blog: "A Family Law Blog dealing with all aspects of relationships (legal and just plain odd!)." Yes, it is British.

Non-custodial parents living in Indiana can be happy they do live in the England described in the post What price contact with your child?:

I had an interesting conversation at court today as to the court’s approach to parents who block contact because the non-resident parent doesn’t pay maintenance or CSA.

The conclusion reached in discussions was that actually the court’s attitude tends to depend on the particular judge. In esence there are two views:

a) if the absent parent truly cares for their child they should pay

b) blocking contact due to non-payment is like putting a price-tag on your child.

Indiana law forbids a judge from withholding visitation just because the non-custodial parent fails to pay child support. A parent withholding visitation/parenting time will themselves in court on a contempt citation. Indiana parents do not pay to see their children. See my post on this subject from last year.

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