Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to The Oregon Divorce Blog

The past few days I got in a bit of blog reading. Thanks to the California Divorce Blawg for pointing the way to The Oregon Divorce Blog.

I do like the blog's layout and style. Call it blog envy, if you like. More importantly, the content interests me both for its subjects and for the writing style. To mangle a Clash lyric, there is something to learn here.

Take the post Divorce Myths: Why isn’t my lawyer being a jerk to the other lawyer? as an example. Here is an issue that comes up all too often when I hear non-lawyers talking about lawyers. I have tried to explain how judges view these type of lawyers but Mr. Margolin surpasses my efforts:

As a client, beware of the unprofessional lawyer. Advocacy and being an asshole are very different things. Such behavior is not only unprofessional, but may harm your case and increase your legal fees. If your lawyer is intentionally being a jerk to the other lawyer, the likely victim is you.

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