Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Your Usual Cohabitation Case

This post comes via The New York Post's RANDY RABBI ROLLS. I cannot see how Indiana would treat this case any different than did the New York court. Here are the highlights:

"A state appeals court tossed out a lawsuit against a prominent Park Avenue rabbi who was sued by his former mistress for reneging on his written agreement to pay her at least $125,000 if their relationship ended."

The panel said the contract couldn't be enforced - because it "facilitated adultery."

Rabbi Joel Goor, 75, was still married when he signed the bizarre cohabitation contract with Janet Pizzo, 50, who said the two had a seven-year affair.


But the relationship imploded in 2006, when Pizzo began to suspect Goor was seeing yet another woman - and the jilted lover sued for $15 million.

The additional millions of dollars she sought included a claim for emotional distress.
Remember no cohabitation agreements when married and the other party to agreement is not your wife.

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