Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Online Divorce Seminar - For Texas

Warning - this post may interest lawyers more than non-lawyers: how can we disseminate the necessary information to the general public on Indiana family law in a format that is truly helpful? Luck and Google News Alerts lead me to Online Austin Divorce Seminar.

I have been thinking of how to provide a structured overview of Indiana family law and it looks like William Wilson up in South Bend is thinking along the same lines (Coming family law attraction). While I hope this blog is useful, I also realize two things: 1) that its order is truly arbitrary and 2) most people do use the subject indexes that do give it some overarching structure (although, according to my site stats, this problem is changing a bit). I have been thinking about a wiki to provide an overarching design but have not had enough time to do more than doodle. What I had not thought of was video.

I had trouble getting the video to play I am having some odd problems having upgraded to Firefox 3.0. What I find more interesting than its execution is its concept. The site says the video runs for 21 + minutes and covers the following topics:

  • Divorce Basics
  • 7 Steps of the Divorce Process
  • The Big Issues in a Divorce
  • Children
  • Conservatorship
  • Possession and Access (aka Visitation)
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance (aka Alimony)
  • Property
Would anyone sit for twenty-one minutes and listen to these topics? I have no idea. Could we break them down into smaller videos? A wiki of videos?


William Wilson said...

Sam --

The more "online guides" to divorce law in Indiana, the better. Clients, parties, and even some lawyers (those who don't practice in this area) will benefit.

A wiki sounds like an interesting idea.

Bill Wilson

Sam Hasler said...

No dispute about the new need for more "online guides". Although I continue my amazement at how many people are not using this blog very efficiently. I admit that might be due to my poor writing skills or Blogger's design, but most do not realize that their searches need to expand or contract. Oh, well. that is a bit besides the point.

Or maybe not,it was thinking about the inability of the general public to find information that partially led to the wiki idea. A wiki means even more work than a blog. Much more. It would be a good thing for the state bar's Family Law Section to try but I have the impression that it will be greeted with a great yawn.