Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Kicked up Some Dust - Following Up on "Parents Rules Contradict the Law"

Seems that my Parents Rules Contradict the Law kicked up some dust on Second Wives Discussion. I think they generally got the idea. I was unaware of this discussion group until I saw the hits coming from the site (thanks for that, but could none of them stayed to have read more?). People wanting a place to discuss (okay, vent) family law topics with other people (non-lawyers) might want to take a look at the site.


Anonymous said...

Actually I do read. Although I found your site, both my husband and I have been reading since. My husband is the one with the phone/cell phone problem and posted to you to get your pov on how the IPG's vs cell phones and his ex's new rule.

These kinds of issue come up all the time over there on SW board and if anyone has a differnt pov then the older posters...well lets nots go there, you can see what happened when I posted over there. I don't think they did get what you were saying in either blog you posted, we did though, and will continue to read.


Sam Hasler said...

Thank you. I am glad to hear that this blog is somehow useful.

Oh, I also did not necessarily mean that you had not looked around the blog, but I did get a lot of hits from the page who did not stay.

Please feel to comment here.