Monday, July 28, 2008

Online Resource: Law Moose

While posting about these online resources, I realized just how much has changed over the past five years of online legal resources. So much more is now available - more statutes, more primary sources of law - online. Then, too, blogs now exist at the forefront of legal resources (do check out the blog feeds and other links on this page). Still, these web pages still have their uses.

Law Moose is one resource I rarely use any longer (ah, the new reliance on RSS feeds). Looking at it now, its appearance has changed a bit (and for the better as I recall) but it still packs a lot of information (as well as its strange name). Its family law page bears a lot of resemblance to old Internet law library that the Federal government hosted a long time ago. Which means its sources range from Alaska to Eritrea.

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