Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Indiana Court of Appeals: No Contempt

Reading COA reverses contempt finding from The Indiana Lawyer makes me think Indiana has a new case worth reading on the subject of contempt.

"The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed a trial court order finding a father in contempt of court for not complying with orders stemming from post-dissolution proceedings, ruling the father did comply with an order requiring he update his ex-wife with documents regarding a trust for his children's education.

In David L. Bartlemay v. Nancy Witt, f/k/a Nancy Bartlemay, No. 89A04-0802-CV-50, David Bartlemay appealed a 2007 trial court order that he was in contempt of court for violating previous orders following the dissolution of his and Nancy Witt's marriage.


The Court of Appeals found Witt was being hypercritical about the manner in which she receives the financial information because she has received adequate information in a proper time frame, even though Myers, not Bartlemay, sent Witt the financial statements, wrote Chief Judge John Baker.

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Anonymous said...

BOTH of the parties have mental health issues and have used the courts and their children for over 11 years as battlegrounds to hang on to their hatred. Very, very sad situation.