Monday, August 25, 2008

Love Contract in Place of a Prenuptial Agreement? I Think Not

Call it my Midwestern practicality (or cynicism) but I rolled my eyes when I read
Loveologist, Dr. Ava Cadell Creates a Love Contract. Yes, it is a press release (thank you, Google Alerts) but still...

"Dr. Ava Cadell’s MLA™ is especially beneficial for those couples that are privy to temptation, which is common among celebrities. To avoid unrealistic expectations between celebrity couples, Dr. Ava believes that they should utilize her MLA™ rather than to rely on a marriage or prenuptial contract.

“For example, baseball star Alex Rodriquez and Cynthia Rodriguez should have never married without using an MLA™ agreement” says Love Guru, Media Therapist and Author Dr. Ava Cadell. “Cynthia Rodriquez should have known the nature of the beast when she married Alex, and given him a longer leash.”

This unique “Love Contract” can be used as an alternative to a prenuptial agreement or marriage certificate, but can also work in conjunction with them. Categories in the agreement include disclaimers such as psychological problems or sexual fetishes, definition of the relationship, sexual expectations with a timetable, spiritual practice, financial obligations and parenting rules."
Notice that this agreement includes "financial obligations". Those two words mean that this covers some of the same ground as a prenup (or a cohabitation agreement). What it lacks is the legal authority to protect assets and insure the parties carry out their financial obligations. It just will not fly in Indiana.

If you think something like this will help your relationship, then go for it but do not think it is a substitute for a prenuptial agreement.

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