Friday, August 29, 2008

Indiana Parenting Guidelines and Living With Someone

I was asked recently if The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines forbid one from living with another person of the opposite sex. The former spouse stated that the Indiana Parenting Guidelines prohibited a roommate of the same or different sex. Seems the former spouse was using the Guidelines to prevent parenting time.

Nothing in The Parenting Time Guidelines prevents a person from having a roommate of either sex.

This does not mean the former spouse cannot take the non-custodial parent back into court because of the roommate. That has nothing to do with guidelines but with the facts of
the case. Visitation may be curtailed if the court (not the former spouse) finds that visitation may cause physical and/or emotional harm to the child.

Just having a roommate means nothing but having a roommate who may injure the children emotionally and/or physically does mean something.

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Anonymous said...

Marshall co. Ammended the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, as of 1/1/04. Could that be the case here?
In the ammendment it reads that neather parent can have an unrelated adult member of the opposite sex spend overnight with them while a child is in their care.
Not sure how this got passed? but it has been adopted in Marshall County Court.