Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Child Custody - Physical versus Legal Custody

You should be aware of the following terms:

Physical Custody: Physical custody pertains to where the child is going to reside. Usually, sole physical custody is granted to one parent. It is not impossible to be awarded joint physical custody, which allows the child to spend equal time with both parents. However, since this arrangement is potentially disruptive to the child, Courts rarely approve this arrangement, unless the parents demonstrate that they can cooperate. Equal parenting time can be structured in a number of ways, including alternating weeks or months; school years and summer months or by giving each parent six consecutive months with the child.

Legal Custody: Legal custody involves making important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. Excluding any unusual circumstances, joint legal custody (as opposed to joint physical custody) is typically granted, with both parties playing an equal role in the decision-making process, including religious, medical, and educational decisions. Parents with joint legal custody do not need to consult each other when making routine day-to-day decisions.

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