Friday, December 19, 2008

Get Your Kid a Prenup as a Wedding Present

Affluent Parents Demand PreNups--for Their Engaged Children is a press release. On one level it annoys me for implying prenuptial agreements are only for the affluent. On the other hand, it may give some parents an idea or two about a wedding present. The latter thought prevailed and so it came to be this post.

Here is what I thought were the best points of the press release:

"(Tysons Corner, VA)—They may not register for it, but newly engaged couples are discovering the latest “must have” gift from their parents is a prenuptial agreement. In many cases, the prenup is more of a “must accept” gift from their parents .

Kathryn Dickerson, a principal at Smolen Plevy in Tysons Corner, VA, ( notes a marked increase in the number of young couples entering into premarital agreements at the behest of their parents."

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