Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thoughts on late marriages from New Hampshire Magazine

New Hampshire Magazine's Late Life Loving asks some good questions and gives some good ideas on late-in-life marriages:

What about the children? Are the children and grandchildren in support of our relationship? They may be thrilled for Mom’s or Dad’s happiness. But sometimes one’s children are possessive of your time and attention. They may worry that a parent is taking on a potential burden of an older spouse’s unexpected illness. They may be embarrassed by the new romance. I recently heard two sisters say, “How can you do this to the memory of our mother — she’s been gone just a year?” I understood, but I also realized that their father is 79 years old and may well be feeling the pressure of time.

Who owns what? In a common property state, assets acquired during the marriage remain the property of the individual who acquired the asset. But there will likely be other financial issues to resolve. One significant concern may be to assure that the inheritance for one’s children is protected. Couples who choose to marry should consider a prenuptial agreement and estate planning."
If you would like to discuss prenuptial agreements or estate planning, please give me a call.

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