Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Women Want for Christmas

I found Christmas and Divorce: What Women Want at Marilyn Stowe's blog. Some good points I took away from the article:

"I do not doubt that in the run up to Christmas, in the gloom of the wet winter and with the season’s commercial pressures piling on, the prospect of Christmas can be so depressing that it can drive women to consider divorce. They struggle on as best they can, with housework and other chores, while holding down jobs and raising children. Eventually, they collapse under all the pressure and divorce.

Oddly enough, I am seeing a small flurry of women calling about divorces this year. I will need to wait and see where if they actually file or not. The political and economic and financial news being so glum, it is reflected (seemingly) everywhere.
The divorce rate remains high and politicians wring their hands in despair, failing to comprehend that family breakdown is not fuelled by the divorce law, but by our lifestyles."
I chewed that over. Over here, I hear fewer and fewer politicians trying to make points over our divorce rate. Maybe because the economic crisis looks overwhelms everything else. However, I think we ought to take note of what she describes as the cause of divorces. Which the sheer stress of the holiday season increases. Yes, I think she makes a great point.
If the thought of Christmas is stressing you out or if your wife is threatening divorce, and it is possible to do something practical that will relieve pressure and save someone’s sanity at this time of the year - please, do it!

I can’t guarantee that it will make everything perfect, but it can make Christmas more enjoyable for everyone. And the cost is much, much, cheaper than a divorce.

Think about it. Yes, men get stressed out this time of the year, too. I feel the stress myself - after all I live with a seven year old who has memorized the commercials.

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