Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grant County Child Support Rules - Income Withholding Rules

Oops, a couple of problems with this Rule:

2. Except for good cause shown, or pursuant to IC 31-2-10-7, income withholding orders shall be issued in all cases requiring the payment of child support, including provisional orders.
First, 31-2-10-7 no longer exists. Take a look at IC 31-16-15 for the current law on income withholding orders.

Second, I have a small problem wrapping my head around what can be good cause for not using an income withholding order (or wage assignment). See, I think they are a great convenience for my clients paying child support - they no longer need to worry about getting to the Clerk's Office before closing time. It might help to have more of a definition of good cause.

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