Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Henry County - Pay Atttention About Friday Hearings

I am not so sure that I like the idea of a contempt hearing where there is no record that can be easily used for an appeal, but I am also trying to think of where I have had a contempt case set for only 15 minutes. I doubt that may pro se parties would know the problem created by this sort of rule.

(E) FRIDAY HEARINGS. Hearings scheduled in provisional matters, IV-D Child Support Matters, Contempt Citation and Visitation matters set on Fridays are not recorded and are set for a maximum of 15 minutes with only the parties as witnesses. If a party desires to have the matter recorded, has additional witnesses or believes the matter will take longer than 15 minutes then a continuance should be requested and the matter set on a day other than Friday.
As an aside, it looks like Henry County has picked up an idea from Grant Count: family law Fridays.

This ends the review of the Henry County Family Law Rules.

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