Saturday, April 11, 2009

After The Divorce - Estate Planning

I strongly suggest everyone read The Importance of Estate Planning Post Divorce from PROVISO LAW GROUP:

So now that you’ve survived the entire process of divorce and you’re ready to begin the next chapter of your life – where do you begin? Let me suggest one place to start – your old estate plan.

What do I mean by estate plan? I mean documents such as your will, power of attorney, health care proxy and directive (or living will), trusts, life insurance policies, beneficiary bank account designations, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, money market accounts, etc."
These points apply to just about everyone to some degree. Do not say to yourself, I have no money and I do not need to worry about this. For example, those with children but no great deal of assets: who takes the child if you and your former spouse both die?

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