Friday, April 24, 2009

Coming up: Free Divorce Seminar

Folks, I really want some feedback here. Please.

I have been planning a divorce seminar for the past month. Work has been such that I have not gotten much beyond the planning stage - deciding a theme, looking at a location for the seminar.

Here is the theme: the things you need to know about Indiana divorce law.

I have ideas - well, I always have ideas - but they come from my lawyer's perspective. I would like to hear from those divorce what they wish they had known.

So please feel free to use the comments below or e-mail me and let me know what you think the general public should know about Indiana divorce law.

Thank you.


allykatrose said...

Most of the books and articles I read about women's rights in divorce center around child custody and getting part of their husband's pension. I'd like more information about divorce when you're older (50's) after a decades long marriage. And when the woman has the better pension how she can protect it. (I don't feel he shouldget it since he was the one who lied and cheated.) Which also brings up the problem with Indiana only allowing no-fault divorce when there is obvious fault. I'd also like information about divorcing after many years due to your spouse "coming out of the closet" (yes, I mean he decided he wanted a boyfriend, not a wife.) How have others handled it and why doesn't the law take this into consideration (sam-sex affairs aren't even considered adultery.)

Sam Hasler said...

Thank you. You actually hit one thing I think is necessary - how much of the law is from the General Assembly and how little we can do about that in the courts.

(As for the property issues - take a look at my articles under this topic. There is a bit of explanation in there.)

Dana said...

I would attend a free divorce seminar. Currently, I have resided in southern Indiana for almost a year now and am planning to file for divorce since I have been seperated for about seven years. My soon to be ex wife resides in Texas and has for about six years. Together, we have two minor children and they have resided with her ever since the seperation. I have several questions regarding divorce in Indiana particulary with the children in Texas such as will the Indiana courts decide the divorce, however, Texas decide child custody/support issues or will that be done in Indiana among other questions I have.

Anonymous said...

I am involved in divorce where the mother left the household and a minor child, but is recently sharing 50/50 custoday (provisional orders)

I would like to know more about this type of situation -or- what factors a GAL would review in a case such as this.