Friday, April 24, 2009

Newer Blog: Atlanta Divorce Attorney Blog

I ran across Atlanta Divorce Attorney Blog at the end of 2008. Good looking blog with good writing but it does focus very much on Georgia law. I find it interesting to note the similarities and the difference. For example, Adultery’s effect on a divorce case in Georgia shows that adultery has the same effect there as here except we do not have alimony:

Alimony also comes into play in equitable distribution. Generally, equitable distribution results in splitting the marital estate 50/50, unless there is a reason to give one spouse a greater portion of the marital estate. One reason to give one spouse a disproportionate amount of the marital estate is the bad conduct of the other party, which can include adultery. If an adulterous spouse committed egregious adultery in the presence of the other spouse and/or children, this conduct may result in an unequal split of the marital estate. Similarly, if the adulterous spouse spent substantial marital funds on his or her paramour, the other spouse could get a disproportionate amount of the marital estate to make up the difference and even punish the adulterous spouse.

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