Friday, April 10, 2009

Marion County News: Use of bench warrants still not certain

Use of bench warrants still not certain:

"A settlement came March 30 in the case of Patrick Thompson v. Marion County Sheriff's Office, et al, 1:08-CV-00481, which arose from the man's August 2007 arrest. Thompson was detained for five days in the Marion County Jail after being arrested on a bench warrant for not appearing at a child support hearing about three years earlier. He told police he'd thought the child support case involving his then-17-year-old child was finished and closed.


The case tied in to a similar one that Indianapolis firm Waples & Hanger had filed in the Southern District of Indiana, and both prompted U.S. Magistrate Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson to review the practice concerning bench warrants."

For too long, the use of bench warrants/body attchments have been problematic in several of our counties. I am still a bit too cynical to believe that this one case will settle this problem for all of us. I have a case Monday in Kokomo where the court's records show my client never had service but they issued a body attachment for him.

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