Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paying Child Support in Howard County

The Howard County Clerk now accepts payments online. I know that probably doe snot shock or surprise too many of you. (Hey, my wife keeps complaining that Anderson's utility office does not take

On another page the Howard County clerk gives out its contact information and some important information:

It is very important that the Support office has your correct name, current address and social security number so that we may properly receive child support payments and to properly disburse them to the recipient. You may click on the following link to print out a New Case form: New Case Information Form

Please notify us if you have a change of name and/or address. The authorization for change of name and/or address can be printed out by clicking on the following link: Change of Address Form

If your case is a IV-D case please notify the Prosecutor of Howard County with your new address.
Howard County Prosecutor Office Telephone: (IV-D) 456-2231
Court House Fax: 456-2235
Kokomo, In 46901
Remember, if you want more information about retaining me for a case, please give me a call at 765-641-7906. Yes, I do take cases in Kokomo.

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