Friday, May 1, 2009

Direct Deposit of Child Support

Not something we can do in Madison County. I understand that Howard County allows for using electronic payments of child support. Some other counties apparently have direct deposit systems in place for non-custodial parents. (well, that is my observation from playing with this site and checking out the jurisdictions available). I think this is a good idea. I always think anything that insures my clients getting their payments to the County Clerk before 4:00 pm is a good thing.

For payments to the custodial parent, I was not aware of any Indiana counties set up to do this until I started working on this post. I learned that Madison County does do this but have no time to check my other counties. However, this may not be as good an idea for the payee as I think it is for the payor. The Georgia Family Law blog published How Support via Direct Deposit Damages Your Mortgage Application After Divorce which finds several problems for payees.

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