Wednesday, July 15, 2009

22 years to Get Divorced?

Still cleaning up from my hiatus, so this has a bit of age to it. But I think Divorce settlement granted after 22 years is a just a bit too interesting not to showcase. I would say that this would not happen in Indiana without a bit of collusion between the parties and the trial court not paying attention.

Now for the story:

"A woman has won £220,000 in a ground-breaking divorce settlement — 22 years after separating from her husband.

They were married only four years before they split up but they never formally divorced."


The woman’s solicitor, Naim Qureshi, a partner with the law firm Healys, which is based in London and Brighton, explained: “The main reason that she did not divorce earlier is because their child was very young, and she did not want all the anguish of a messy divorce at that time. Now, their son is an independent adult.”

Mr Qureshi said that another factor was that the woman’s former husband, who works occasionally as a chef, had come into an inheritance.

“She had borne the brunt, with almost no maintenance, of bringing up their son single-handedly, and felt that she had a potential claim.”

Her lawyers argued that the woman had been financially disadvantaged because of her husband’s lack of emotional or financial support during the marriage and because of his minimal provision for the support of their child after they separated.

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