Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alabama Protective Orders Go Online

Thanks to Florida Divorce Blog for Alabama Petitions for Orders of Protection Go High Tech:

Now, victims of domestic violence can prepare their petitions for an injunction for protection against domestic violence on any internet-connected computer.

From there, the data in the petition is electronically transmitted via the internet to law enforcement.

When domestic violence victims arrive at the courthouse, they can simply print out their waiting petitions for orders of protection and sign them.

Then the information will be electronically transmitted to the domestic violence judge on duty."

I am not aware of Indiana doing anything like this - or even having plans to do so.


Randy said...

I wonder if this will increase the number of fraudulent orders. Is there no burden of proof?

Sam Hasler said...

It has nothing to with the granting of a protective order but of publishing their existence. No burden of proof would bring in all sort of constitutional law problems.