Monday, July 6, 2009

Behaving Well in A Family Law Case

"Consciously or unconsciously, one or both parents in divorce sometimes draw their children into the following roles:

1. Spy on the Other Parent
2. Side-Taker against the Other Parent
3. Messengers to the Other Parent
4. Partner or Confidante
5. Household Finances Stretcher
6. Teenager Peer
7. Spoiled as Compensation
8. Pawns in Visitation and Custody Battles
9. Captive Audience to Disparagement of Other Parent
10. Tool Wielded to Manipulate or Control the Other Parent

Drawing children in to the divorce is damaging to them both psychologically and emotionally."
And this is not in the child's best interests. Do it enough and you may find yourself back in court.

I also suggest reading Child-Custody – Putting Your Children First and Back seat drivers: Moms who control dads’ time with the kids.

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