Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cohabitation Agreements - Good Advice From Canada

While writing of Canada, The Importance of Cohabitation Agreements in Canada sets outs quite well why a cohabitation agreement is a good idea down here in Indiana:

We already wrote about the growing number of divorces and sadly the numbers are rising. If we set aside the emotional consequences of a divorce we will still have the financial consequences, which can be much more serious. So an agreement regulating such terms for non-married people is also very important. Also it is a good solution for people who already had a divorce and are seeking more protected and less serious family union. If you feel that there is an imbalance in your relationship, this agreement also can be useful. For example if you are wealthier than your partner, have recently received an inheritance, or you are the owner of a business or home, cohabitation agreement will protect your financial assets. Also if your partner has children from previous marriages it will be useful to regulate all the child support related issues in this type of agreement. Many people view such agreements in a negative way, because it shows that both sides are seriously considering a break up. But it is wrong, love is blind and the consequences of a break up can be very serious. Cohabitation Agreement is simply a very useful document and most probably after you've signed it you will feel more secure and live happily ever after. Just be sure to have an experienced family lawyer nearby, when you are writing a cohabitation agreement.
Rather good for a blog called The Best Estate Lawyers.

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