Tuesday, July 21, 2009

George Lazenby and His Prenup

I hate to take potshots at a fellow who once had a distinction of being a trivia question for the James Bond films but I find myself with little sympathy from these reports.

George Lazenby wants to annul prenup with Pam Shiver

He claims that Shiver is “30 times a millionaire”, and that he doesn’t want to explain the difference in their lifestyles to their kids, five-year-old George, Jr. and twins Kate and Sam, three.
Er, may I suggest that those are not very good grounds for attacking a prenup? Hard to think of Sean Connery making that complaint or even Roger Moore. On the other hand, George does seem to be working on the Anthony Quinn late-in-life-fatherhood award.
Former 007 Wants Money Galore from Wife

It's not like George is broke -- he's got over a mil to his name -- but apparently 1/30th of $30 mil = poor.
Okay, that is an example of the pun I am talking about and an inappropriate one at that. Connery was in Goldfinger which had the character Pussy Galore.

Point to impress here is that if you have a million dollars, you can more than afford good legal counsel when the intended hands you the prenuptial agreement.

Another bad pun found in Former James Bond Actor Wants More Money than a Penny from Ex-Wife but, oh boy, this paragraph hits what will be the problem:
While this move seems a little over the top, Lazenby has in fact filed a request for a voided prenuptial agreement with the L.A. County Superior Court in hopes that Shriver will have to pay him $16,133 in spousal support. It should be noted that Lazenby is in fact a millionaire himself, so his request for financial support seems excessively greedy and unlikely to succeed.
Without more of the facts, I got to say this does sound like excessive greed and that does not sit very well with the judges I know.

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