Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Announcing a New Service: Unbundling Legal Services

Long before this current recession, I have known the problems of potential clients being able to finance their cases. I think everyone in Madison County knows this has been a long-standing problem. I accept payments and credit cards to help this solve this problem. Indiana statutes allow for the other side to pay attorney fees.  These are not enough.

One thing I considered for some time was unbundling legal services. Until last week I was not certain we were allowed to do so under Indiana's Rules of Professional Conduct. Articles such as Small Firm Business'   'Ghostwriting' Lawyers Can Remain Cloaked, but Not for Tactical Advantage worried me.

On the other hand, I was inspired by articles such as  Rhode Island Divorce for those Who Want to Handle it Themselves! by Christopher A. Pearsall of The Rhode Island Divorce Tips Blog.

Unbundling means breaking the case into parts.   You may get a better explanation of how I am breaking the services by reading  my Contract for Unbundled Family Law Services.

My reasoning behind this is that many people are looking to save money by omitting a lawyer.  They are using forms obtained off the Internet.  Whether they are using the forms correctly or not is something they may not foresee.  Essentially what I will provide is editorial services.  That is double check their use of the forms to make sure that they have not created a real problem for themselves.

And for any lawyers who do not understand why this is a good idea, read The Client Revolution: What if the Apple Store billed by the hour?.

So begins an experiment.  I would very much like any feedback - and, of course, telephone calls from potential clients.

9/9/09: For more on this read my Why I am offering unbundled legal services

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