Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why I am offering unbundled legal services

I decided to offer unbundled services because I run across things like How To Write A Prenuptial Agreement Without Using A Lawer?

Me and my fiance would like to write a prenuptial agreement before marriage. We don’t want to use a lawyer because we only have a very few things to agree upon and we are very clear about all of them.
What is the easiest way to write the prenuptial agreement? Is there any template available online so that we can just put our agreements in? What should we pay attention to ?
What do I see here?  I see two people:
  1. Who want a prenuptial agreement.
  2. Who will use an online form.
  3. Who do not understand what they are doing with the form.
  4. Who will rely on non-professional help rather than seek out a lawyer.
  5. Who for some reason think that it is only content of the agreement and ignore the procedure of a prenuptial agreement.
  6. Who stand a very good job of botching the job.
By unbundling services, I hope to accomplish the following:
  1.  Keep the people from botching the job
  2. By giving them the opportunity to have a lawyer review their work
  3. At a cost reasonable to both sides of the transaction,
Using the above example, the clients would bring (or send) in their proposed prenuptial agreement and I would act as editor.  Suggesting changes or pointing out outright problems with the form under Indiana law.  

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