Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fantasy Custody and Child Support Guidelines

Got a gripe with child custody laws or the child support guidelines? Go read Fantasy Custody and Child Support Guidelines from The Psycho Ex-Wife Blog.

Let’s make a list of all the rules and guidelines that should be set regarding custody and child support in this country, sort of your wish list, based on what would truly be best for the children and equality for BOTH parents

I disagree with some particulars (no, criminal court is not a good idea) but I do agree with many. More importantly, I think this shows the kind of frustration I see and what I read from responses on here.

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Mister-M said...


I appreciate the recognition of our feature "Fantasy Custody and Child Support Guidelines."

I was confused by what you meant about the criminal court portion. I'd like to know more about your thoughts on that.

Drop me an email, we would love to explore a mutual collaboration, guest posts, or similar with you at some future date.