Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Has Public Opinion Changed About Cohabitation?

Chicago Divorce Lawyer Divorce Lawyer Blog's Cohabitation Concerns indicates a change:

An article was published in today’s USA Today entitled “Couples study debunks ‘trial marriage’ notion of cohabiting.” It reports on a new study about the changing attitudes towards cohabitation.

As the title states, more couples are choosing to live together not to test their relationship in preparation for marriage, but simply to spend more time together. Many couples see living together as part of the dating relationship, and may not be considering marriage.

If an unmarried couple chooses to buy a home to live in together, and the relationship ends unexpectedly, neither will have the protection of property provided by Illinois marriage statutes.
The state of Illinois does not recognize common law marriage, so no protection is provided to unmarried couples, even if they have been living together for many years. Also, the statutes in Illinois do not recognize same-sex marriage, so that protection is not available to same-sex couples.

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