Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Indiana's Child Support Lien Network

Believe it or not, not all lawyers know all things about family. Following a link back from a Google search lead me to the Child Support Lien Network for Indiana. In twenty-two years, I never dealt with this program but then I doubt very many have. Here is how it describes itself:

CSLN was established to match delinquent non-custodial parents (NCPs) to insurance settlement and workers compensation claims, specifically for the purpose of intercepting these moneys to bring NCPs current on their child support obligations.

A secure Internet website is one of the means available for exchange of this data. We believe you will find the website easy to use. The data is also available through electronic interface. It is also our hope that this will facilitate your company’s ability to “match” the delinquent non-custodial parent information with your company’s insurance claims.

Indiana Code IC 31-16-15-19 allows the Child Support Bureau to issue an income withholding order for any lump sum payments that a delinquent NCP may receive. If a ‘match’ is found between a delinquent NCP and your insurance company, you will receive an income withholding order. This income withholding order should be honored at the time a claim is settled. A copy of this income withholding order will also be sent to the NCP.

If you read closely, the program operates within a narrow area - insurance settlement and workers compensation claims.  I suspect personal injury and workmen comp attorneys know this better than do family law attorneys.

The site also offers CSLN FAQs

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