Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How About An Open House For Our Courts?

Yes, why not?  Reading John Bolch's London Family Court Open Day Saturday 10 October 2009 from 10am - 4pm, I had several thoughts.  "Well, isn't that interesting?"  and then "I suppose some of that could translate to Indiana" and then "No way, most of the judges I know are incapable of interacting with the public this way".  Here is what the English courts will be doing:

Each court will host a lively programme of activities including opportunities to:
  • take part in mock hearings about contact and care
  • meet professionals from the agencies involved with the family courts
  • learn about family court orders
  • ask questions and understand the role of court staff
  • enjoy interactive play over the internet with Dad’s Space; a new initiative to provide safe contact for children with a non resident parent.
  • browse exhibition stands from numerous agencies involved in working with children.
  • enter a children’s activities area for younger visitors
Entry and activities are free of charge and no advance booking is required. With lots to see and do the Open Day promises to be of interest to all age ranges.

And on a Saturday?  No bloody way we will ever see that here.

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