Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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With a broader scope than this blog, does touch on some of the same issues I do.

They have pages on Knowing the Law which breaks down along the lines of state, federal, tribal and religious law.  I do not recall another general site that has links to religious law.  The following is from the sub-page on Indiana custody law:

The following is the site's Preparing for Court page:
The information on these pages will assist you in preparing for Civil court, developing a strong case, and gathering evidence.
  • Legal Definitions This page includes legal definitions that are not state-specific. Please note that the definitions of these terms may be different or more specific in your home state.
  • Download Court Forms This page includes links to court forms for filing cases. Not all court forms are available online, but you may also find forms from the clerk of court at your local courthouse.
  • Preparing Your Case This page provides tips for preparing your protection order case and getting ready for a hearing.
  • Choosing and Working with a Lawyer This page provides interview questions and ideas for how to make the most of working with a lawyer.
  • When the Legal System Fails You This page provides tips for when the legal system falis you
  • Filing Appeals You may have a right to appeal a court order if the judge made an error of law.

Other pages that should have some interest are When the Legal System Fails You and Choosing and working with a lawyer.  Good information and advice appear on both pages.

And, men, I suggest that if any of these topics are of interest to you that you read them, too.

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