Saturday, September 19, 2009

Using School Information for an Indiana Custody or Relocation Case

I propose not to so much write about how to use school information but to point out two recent sources of information.  Another, not mentioned here, are our ISTEP testing scores.

The Herald Bulletin - SATS up at ACS, but lag state, national scores
Randall Lee, director of accountability for Anderson Community Schools, said the improvement comes as even more students took the test last school year — 238 compared with 229 the year before.

Lee provided details of ACS’s performance on the Scholastic Aptitude Test, which many colleges and universities use as a guide for student admissions. Among them:

u Math: ACS’s average score was 485, an increase of 13 points. Anderson High’s average: 476, an increase of 20 points. Highland High’s average: 491, an increase of 6 points. Indiana average: 507, a decrease of 1 point. National average: 515, no change.

u Reading: ACS: 496, up 2 points. Anderson: 463, up 8 points. Highland: 474, down 3 points. Indiana: 496, unchanged. National: 501, a decrease of 1 point.

u Writing: ACS: 454, up 7 points. Anderson: 456, up 16 points. Highland: 455, unchanged. Indiana: 480, a 1-point decline. National: 493, a 1-point decline.

Each section of the test has a possible 800 points.

Indianapolis Magazine published an article on the Indianapolis area schools that might be found here.

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