Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guardian Ad Litem Fees - Shelby County, Henry County and Howard County

Earlier this case I had a custody case out of Howard County where our side requested a Guardian ad Litem. The procedure in Kokomo consists of appointing local counsel who then contacts the party wanting the GAL and announcing the fee for services. The fees requested were $1,000.00. I think Shelby County's schedule of fees shows a more rational approach than does Howard County.

Shelby County: LR73-FL00 Rule 3.

Guardian Ad Litem Fees
The Shelby County Courts, recognizing it is appropriate to require parents and custodians of children who are involved in litigation and use the services¹ of the Shelby County Guardian Ad Litem to be financially responsible for those services, hereby establishes a standard fee schedule for the services¹ of the Shelby County Guardian Ad Litem in cases other than Child in Need of Services cases.
1) For custody and/or visitation evaluations, each parent/custodian shall pay the sum of $200.00.
2) For cases in which the services of the Guardian Ad Litem is required on an ongoing basis, each parent/custodian shall pay the sum of $75.00 per month.
The Court in which the case is pending retains the discretion to deviate from the schedule in a particular case based upon the circumstances of the parties.
Adopted effective November 18, 1997. Amended and renumbered as Rule 3, September 30, 2005, effective October 11, 2005.
Much less detailed is Henry County's GAL Rule that I wrote about in Henry County Local Rules:  Guardian ad Litem.

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