Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Law Discovery: Depositions - Part 2

Having let a lot of time pass since I wrote Family Law Discovery: Depositions, I thought it time to finish off on depositions.  For a refresher on the discovery process go here.

Depositions remain generally rare and have been absolutely non-existent for family law cases.  I did one deposition about 1996 that was videotaped and I am not as convinced as Trial Practice Tips Weblog that videotaping a deposition is a trend.  That said, give a look at its post, Videotaped Depositions Become More Common: A Developing Trend?. If I had to, I think video would be the way to go.

Custody Coach's Deposition During Custody Battle also makes it sound as if depositions were very common.

It must be a factor of geography and economics.

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