Saturday, December 19, 2009

More About Texting and Social Media, and Facebook Subpoenas

Dallas Divorce Law Blog uses Tiger Woods a springboard in A Divorce Lawyer's Take on Tiger's Texting Troubles

While it may not make the late night talk shows or celebrity gossip sites, texting frequently leads to big trouble for people who are not Tiger Woods. A text message with a paramour can reveal an extramarital affair to the unsuspecting spouse who accidently comes across it, or confirm the suspicions of a suspecting spouse who looks through their cheating spouse’s phone. After a divorce is filed, text messages provide powerful and often embarrassing evidence of infidelity by the cheating spouse during the marriage.
Yes, that means you. My clients bringing me text messages from spouses, former spouses, or former significant others keeps increasing each month. One client has a video on his phone of the mother behaving very badly while delivering the child to her for visitation. (Lucky for him he did this, as she called the police and the video probably saved him a trip to jail).

For more reading, go over to JD Supra and read Texting: The New Way to Get Caught Cheating.

Lawyerist has an interesting post in Update: Subpoena Facebook Information. Do not get too excited about this. For those with public pages, it does not keep an opposing party from downloading your whole page and using that for evidence.

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Jeanne M. Hannah said...

Hello Sam,

Great post. Family lawyers will have a wonderful time collecting evidence from the Internet so long as folks continue to be so ignorant about leaving their "digital lipstick on the collar" evidence on the Internet.

I've had a great deal of fun with this topic on my blog Updates in Michigan Family Law. All of the posts about Internet issues apply in all states. Here are a few examples

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Jeanne M. Hannah