Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good-bye to the Madison County Courthouse Law Library

Several weeks ago I walked into what had been the Madison County Courthouse Library.  Almost every book was gone - one wall of reporters and Indiana specific material was left.  It was a truly surreal moment.  So far, we still have access to Westlaw.   Since that space will be converted to a new hearing/court room, that access has a lmited future.

Good news that we will soon get more room for hearings but sad to learn that all those books were trashed - no one wanted to take them.

While drafting this post, I ran across Law - How to use the new Google Scholar legal search options; the demise of courthouse libraries on The Indiana Law Blog.  The underlying Indianapolis Star article is no longer online.

What happened in Anderson is happening elsewhere.  Since I found our law library denuded, I learned that Delaware County has also gotten rid of their law library.

I cna say that Union County has not done so.  In fact, their's is most heart-warmingly found in their Circuit Court.  I say heart-warmingly for the simple reason that one can hope that the judge can readily find the case law.

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