Thursday, December 24, 2009

Indiana Family Law Resources

I am not sure how many readers take a look at the sidebar because some seem to miss a collection of links I have under the heading of Indiana Family Law Resources.

When I created this list, my thought was to create a mini-portal for the most important sources for Indiana family. That does not work very well if no one notices that the information is here.

Nor is it really much use to those using RSS feeds or who have an e-mail subscription.

Every parent should bookmark the first three links.

If you are looking for a specific trial court, then go to Indiana Trial Court and Clerks. This page is maintained by our Indiana Supreme Court. Find the county and this will take you a page showing contact information for each court in a county, the judge's name, a map to the courthouse, and a link to the county's local rules.

Indiana's Family Law and Juvenile Code takes you to Title 31 of the Indiana Code. Here you will find the statutes on marriage, annulment, divorce, parenting time, custody, paternity. child support, and more.

The Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure contains all the rules needed in handling a case procedurally (as opposed to the substance found i the Guidelines and statutes). Not all apply to family law - such as anything dealing with jury trials - but these need knowing for trying a case and they apply in all counties.

Indiana Rules of Evidence are those rules about what is relevant evidence and how we get that evidence before a court. Don't follow these and you do not get your case made.

Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure are the rules on how to create and handle an appeal in Indiana's Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Well, I hope this helps. Bookmark the specific sites or come back here - these will be here.

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