Thursday, December 24, 2009

Online Resources For Parents

My Indiana readers from Madison County may be familiar with our Children in the Middle Seminar while those in Ripley, Brown, Monroe, Hamilton, and Marion Counties should know of the Children Cope with Divorce program. Florida Divorce * Child Custody * Domestic Violence Law Lawyer reports that Missouri (and Florida) have similar programs online:

University Develops Online Co-Parenting Course for Separated Parents That Graduates Report Really Helps!
Now, researchers at the University of Missouri’s Human Development and Family Studies program have developed an online program, called Focus on Kids Online, to comply with Missouri’s legal requirement. (Florida’s four hour class is also available online.)
And a bit more here from Science Daily Digital solutions developed to support divorced families
HDFS researchers developed Focus on Kids Online, a training course that helps parents going through divorce build stronger, more supportive relationships with their children. The Web-based program is designed to offer parents an alternative to in-person trainings. After completion of the course, parents reported improved relationships and better awareness of separation-related problems and how to solve them, according to new HDFS research by David Schramm, assistant professor, and Graham McCaulley, HDFS doctoral student.

The face-to-face version of Focus on Kids satisfies the Missouri law that requires parents who are divorcing to attend an educational program. It is conducted in cooperation with Missouri's circuit courts and available in 50 counties. Ganong says the online program is growing and will be made available to other states in the future. (Science Daily)
Hoosiers might notice that Missouri's program was created by state statute. I wonder if this HDFS keeps any statistics on its effectiveness.

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