Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Should Indiana Have a Statute Promoting Collaborative Divorce?

Such is the question I came away with after reading Collaboration allows for a kind divorce from Georgia Family Law Blog:

Schepard said studies by Canada's Justice Department found high satisfaction with the process in that country, but no mechanism exists to keep track of collaborative settlements in the United States. He is working with the Uniform Law Commission to develop a national standardized policy.
Efforts by The Florida Bar Family Law Section to pass a state law have been under way about two years. Last year the House Civil Justice and the Courts Policy Committee shelved the proposal for future consideration, said Longwood attorney Matthew Capstraw, a leader of the Bar effort.
"There was a lot of interest, but there were some different ideas and concerns with the bill," he said.

So should Indiana have a statute promoting collaborative divorce?

(The article also provides a very good answer to what is collaborative divorce.)

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Rob Meier said...

Good stuff on collaborative divorce. Indiana has been doing some very unproductive things in divorce and custody for far too long.