Monday, December 7, 2009

Updated My LawLink and LinkedIn Profiles; Facebook and Twitter Reminder

I spent a few minutes yesterday trying to update my LinkedIn and LawLink profiles.  If you care to check them, the LawLink profile is here and the LinkedIn profile is here.  I admit that I really am not sure I have gotten the hang of any of the social media sites and these two I probably use less than any other.

I do have a Facebook page here.  I usually cross-post my Twitter posts here which is why Farm Town is very much neglected (an idea from the wife and could not very easily say no, could I?).

Speaking of Twitter, please feel free to follow me if you have a Twitter account.  I am usually using Twitter to notify followers of updates to this blog, news items I see that may or not be relevant to my practice, and some times just shooting off my mouth.  Click here for my Twitter profile page.

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