Thursday, March 29, 2007

New - Minnesota considers presuming split custody

Indiana does not presume one parent should have custody over another. Indiana does not presume in favor of split custody. My own experience says this does not work. Minnesota proposes to change their law to presume split custody:

The courts used to essentially operate on the premise that the mother would get custody unless it was proven that another arrangement would be more beneficial. If the bill passes into law, Minnesota courts would start with the premise that unless proven otherwise, the child’s interests would best be served by split custody.

Sen. Tom Neuville (R-Northfield) said that the courts have held the position for too long that the best option for a child of divorced parents is to live solely with the mother and visits the father every second weekend. This has sent fathers the message that they are less of parents, said Neuville.

“There’s been a cultural expectation that mothers are always best suited. Until we change some of those presumptions, I think a lot of kids are missing out on relationships with their father,” said Neuville.
From Divorce Lawyer Source. I agree that our culture thinks children are better off with their mother. Our presumption that against favoring either parent recognizes that some mothers are not good mothers. What ruins the join custody cases I have seen are what I call control issues towards one another and these generally arise out of party' lack of maturity

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