Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cohabitation laws in Indiana

Indiana has no statutes on cohabitation agreements - only case law. I think I have either done a poor job of explaining Indiana cohabitation law or designed the posts poorly for Google searches for I see hits but people do not appear to be getting the information sought.

For those of you living together and thinking about a cohabitation agreement, I suggest the following articles I have written as giving a good start on Indiana's law on cohabitation:

Living Together in Indiana - And then breaking up

Indiana Cohabitation Litigation Checklist

Cohabitation Agreements - Why?

Cohabitation: A Checklist for People Living Together

All of my cohabitation articles can be found here.

Bottom line on Indiana cohabitation law is no statutes, no rules in black and white, but only a handful of court decisions. What this really means for those living together is to get a cohabitation agreement.

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