Monday, November 12, 2007

Visitation by E-Mail

Visitation by e-mail has already arrived in Indiana. Not that our Parenting Time Guidelines make any provision for it. I suppose there are also families out there who have been using webcams and a messenger service to visit. I suggest to let the non-custodial parent and the children communicate in any reasonable manner.

For reading more on virtual visitation, take a look at Virtual Visitation: Technology Hits Home on the Georgia Family Law Blog.

Lee Rosen of the Rosen Law Firm in North Carolina has written the following article, published by WRAL (on Lee's Blog and Website, you can also find a video on this subject and a PDF copy of the article can be found here):

What Is ‘Virtual Visitation’?

“Virtual visitation,” also called Internet visitation or computer visitation, is a way for parents to have “face time” with their children via electronic means. The various methods that parents can use for virtual visitation are personal video conference, Web cam, and video phone. Think Jane Jetson talking to Elroy. The intent is to enhance and supplem
ent other communication time (face-to-face and telephone) between parents and children.

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