Monday, January 21, 2008

My Roundup of Law Blogs Part 4

My concluding chapter on family law blogs (you can find number 3 here):

  1. Family Law, Divorce Law, Estate Planning, Family Law Taxation. Appears to be a fairly new blog but I do think the post, Family Law Lawyers Are Specialists Of Law does a very good job of describing our work as family law attorneys.
  2. Chicago Family Law Blog. This looks like one of the LexBlog blogs. Which means it looks good, but is also update often and has a bit of different information than what I publish or what I see elsewhere - mostly tax and financial issues.
  3. Preventive Family Law for Nevada. One of the great blog titles, its purpose is very clear. What I had not thought of when starting this blog was the ability to educate laypeople about preventive measures. Sure, I could see educating non-lawyers about Indiana law affecting them in divorces and paternity cases, but I missed the idea that we could inform about even more. In my defense, for twenty years I have usually seen people after the horse has left the barn and is galloping for the county line. Posts like Checklist - If You Are Thinking About Divorce show the preventive side of the family law and apply to more than Nevada.
  4. Divorce and Family Law in Tarrant County, Texas. I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Price some time back and I like how his ideas. He is not listed here for that reason or that he refers to one of my posts but for his emphasis on collaborative law and for posts like 5 Ways Not to Notify Your Spouse About a Divorce.
  5. Ohio Family Law Blog. Another one I did not know existed till I started looking, and with some good points. From what I see, the blog started in December of last year. The post on relocation caught my attention. I am sure my regular readers know the attention that I have put on our new relocation statute. I would say that Ohio has a similar problem as does Indiana. I noticed some points in that article which might be of use in Indiana.
  6. Alabama Divorce & Family Law Attorney Blog. This site has an overwhelming emphasis on Alabama law but that is not why I mention this blog. While the blog seems only recently created, I have not seen anyone work name recognition for marketing purposes as I do with this blog.
  7. Family Law Prof Blog: Probably not a layperson's cup of tea, and maybe not for all family law attorneys, but worth taking a look at for the view from the law school on family law issues.
  8. Dads Divorce Blog. A new one for me and not one I can say much about. From what I see of the content, I will be keeping any eye on this one.
And that ends my round up of family law blogs. I have learned that this sort of this is not as easy as I thought it would, and it does take time. I want lawyers and non-lawyers to recognize that there is a lot of information out there and these blogs I have pointed out help in sorting out the information. I hope I can do as well as these in presenting news and information in intelligible terms. All that said, these blogs give to the public a chance to learn and not just ask questions. Look through all of the blog - I can tell that many leave here without even looking for more information.

Oh, for the lawyers who do not blog: Bella is Bewildered About Blogs. Those that do blog will, I think, find this as amusing as I did.

I suggest Justia for keeping up with new family blogs and keeping track of some I mention here and earlier.

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Anonymous said...

Great set of blogs. And thanks so much for the reference to my presentation handout. Bella appreciates it. :-)