Friday, July 17, 2009

Reminder About Filing Confidential Information With an Indiana Court,

Rarely do I note a criminal case but COA reiterates confidential-information filing from the Indiana Lawyer Daily caught my eye. Remember that during a family law case we may materials containing Social Security numbers that require special paper (green). That makes this case important for family law matters.

"The Indiana Court of Appeals emphasized in an opinion today the proper procedure for filing documents with confidential information, instigated by the fact the appellant's original appendix included a pre-sentence report on white paper and included a Social Security number."

In Joel C. Vaughen v. State of Indiana, No. 79A02-0811-CR-1032, Judge L. Mark Bailey reiterated in a lengthy footnote how information should be filed, what should be excluded, and on what color paper it should be submitted. Joel C. Vaughen's original appendix had a pre-sentence report on white paper, which should be excluded from public access filings pursuant to Ind. Administrative Rule 9(G)(1)(b)(viii). Documents excluded from public access are supposed to be included on light green paper or have a light green coversheet marked "Not for Public Access" or "Confidential."

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